Carp fishing at night

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New in 2017

    Any fisherman who has booked and can not go to the post or wishes to leave the
 post before the end of his stay must inform the AAPPMA by e-mail or SMS.
    Reservations are made by email only, any reservations by phone must be confirmed
 by mail otherwise it will not be taken into account.


Post 2 is no longer available.

Post 7 is still available at the moment but will probably be closed during the year


We recall that carp anglers must  respect all the rules listed in this regulation but also
 the Prefectoral Order and the Rules of Procedure of the AAPPMA.

The posts will be regularly checked day and night and the non respect of the 
regulations mentioned above will lead to immediate sanctions


Carp fishing is open all over the year. You can’t pratice more than half an hour before sunrise and more then half an hour after sunset. 4 rods maximum with the complete CPMA licence.

Rules for night fishing

  1. Night fishing is only for carp fishing.
  2. Night fishing is closed from july 1st to august 31st.
  3. When you want to pratice night fishing, you must book a place by phone or e-mail (call at 06 81 02 25 83) and be in possession of the lake’s licence. You can’t fish more than 5 days in the same area. No booking before 15 days the arrivals of fisherman.
  4. You can only fish in special areas with 2 fisherman maximum (4 rods by fisherman). It’s forbidden to fish inside reeds protected with stakes. It’s forbidden to use animal baits.
  5. All fisher must be on the place during night and day. Police fishing will give a ticket if one of fisher is not on place.
  6. During the night, it’s only « no kill ». Every fish must be released at the same place. You need a real unhooking mat and you must be very careful with every fish you catch.
  7. Only small fishing shelter are allowed for camping (biwi and brolly)
  8. It’s forbidden to make wood fire or barbecue. You can only use gas ring or petrol ring. Garbage must be collected by fisherman and thrown in garbage containers. Human wastes must be buried under the ground. Every fishing area will be visited after a session and there will be some penalties for every rule violation.
  9. Carp fisherman that is not yours and other persons use the water. Be tolerant ! May be other fisherman will take your fishing lines so you absolutely need backleads.

Fishing licence

To practice night carp fishing you need an annual fishing card of the Aiguebelette’s AAPPMA or a card of another AAPPMA with the departmental licence. You must also book you fishing area before your session.

If you need a boat, you must pay for boating stamp especially for Aiguebelette lake.

Fishing areas

Caution : Areas 5 and 7 are private places. So you can only access by boat. It’s forbidden to cross private properties.

  • Area 1 : From the spit of the « Leysse River » on both side (Nances Villages).
  • Area 2 : On the right side of the « Gua Rvier »‘s mouth on the rocks (Nances village).
  • Area 3 : Mont’s Grêle camp. 10 meters at the east side from the reeds (Lépin le lac village).
  • Area 4 : Left of the lake side on the back of « les peupliers » camp (Lépin le lac village).
  • Area 5 : Area called « le pomarin ». 300 m on the left side of the fish farming. You can only access by boat.
  • Area 6 : « Hotel Rond ». 50 m on the east side of reeds (Lépin le lac village).
  • Area 7 : Called « la Guinguette ». Only by boat.
  • Area 8 : « Bon vent » beach on the lake wall opposite the emergency office (Novalaise village).

Several area (2 and 5) are special protected areas. You must be careful with these place.

Warning !

You must only use these eight areas. If you don’t respect night fishing rules, you will be penalized water bailiffs.

No disturb with others lakes users.

Carp fisherman, if you want to continue to practice your favourite sport, respect all the rules. Otherwise the night fishing will stop.